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Good day to you wherever this finds you, I’m writing this from our home in Guadiana. On a beautiful fall Saturday morning in Mexico. I hear the church bells in the background and looking out the window at the beautiful cactus on our sunporch. Hoping this day finds you well and we wish you greetings from our beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende (SMA) in the Heart of Mexico.  Or as we like to say: “Corazón de México”.  Houses for sale in San Miguel de Allende.  

All Over The World: 

It’s been an interesting three years in the world. For many reasons, my partner Lucía and I have seen many visitors and heard many stories of adventures from people far and wide. We’ve met people from Russia recently which was interesting. Also, people from all over Europe. Additionally, we are now beginning to see people from the center of the United States, what’s referred to as the Rust Belt states. We’ve always been on the “radars” of homebuyers in California, Texas, Florida, and New York. But to begin to see these middle states start to take notice…  this is very exciting. San Miguel continues to grow.  And we are grateful to be able to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Lucía and I have had many phone calls over the last few years from friends in the United States and Mexico asking about conditions, food, water, prices, living in San Miguel in general. Seems as though, regardless of one’s political persuasion, people are interested in making a move out of the United States. Mexico offers many advantages. And it’s exciting to see people taking notice of the unique and convenient options that Mexico presents to people that want alternatives.

Keep It Super Simple: 

I personally made the move 10 years ago, to downsize and simplify life. I also have parents that are here that I wanted to look after. After a lifetime of flipping properties with some development, I decided to make a major move. I went back-and-forth and studied the market conditions here before I decided. Then I jumped!  10 years later, no regrets!  So, there were many things that brought me here. 

The things that have kept me in SMA have very much been about the people first and foremost.  The quality of life is incredible and the food. (We recommend the article A Word about Courtesy.) It is very comforting to know that we are surrounded with ranches, farms, and 4 aquifers in all directions.  Food and water now are more important than ever. It’s nice to be surrounded with an abundance of natural resources necessary for life.

Is Mexico Dangerous? 

There’s always lots of questions about safety. As I mentioned, I’ve been here 10 years and I’ve had no problems. And this is pretty common with people that come from other places to Mexico. Furthermore, San Miguel in particular is a strong community that has a population of North American residents of near 20% of the total population. It’s such a different experience coming here to live:  first of all, Mexico is safe.   

Additionally, things are less micromanaged, people seem to have more room to breathe. This is a great deal, much more happiness and peace in these ideal conditions. Things are relaxed here.  Moving to Mexico 10 years ago was one of the single greatest decisions I ever made in my life. 

But please remember this is not to throw caution to the wind. Mexico like anywhere in the world has its pros and cons. Because there are so many North American expatriates living in San Miguel, the town is very stable. There are over 30 neighborhoods in San Miguel. We call these “Colonias.”  Each Colonia is different. 

With our foreigner clients we recommend that they stick with six primary neighborhoods. We can talk more about these neighborhoods when we speak. But this is one of the many reasons clients appreciate our counsel. We take this very seriously!

What About a House? 

Lucía and I have the privilege of setting up the first RE/MAX Collection group in San Miguel.  This is the luxury specialty within RE/MAX international which focuses on high-quality properties. Even though it may be natural to assume that luxury real estate professionals only deal with multi-million dollar properties or with high-end clients and estates that are out of reach of “normal” clients, nothing could be farther from the truth: 

Today, the designation of luxury pertains as much to experience and service as to the specifics of the property. Lucía and I offer luxury service to clients as a matter of course, believing that extending reach depends not on the price of the property but on the breadth and depth of expertise and the services provided. The financial value of a specific transaction becomes a secondary consideration.  

What Difference Does A Brand Make?

Brand is important in Mexico because it offers a level of transparency and safety with the transaction that you’re not going to get with a local “mom and pop companies” here. At REMAX, we have standards and practices, licensing requirements, transaction oversight, continuing education, weekly meetings… It’s a very different emphasis when you’re dealing with seasoned agents that are with an international brand. 

In the United States, I’m not sure that it makes much difference but in Mexico it absolutely does. There are lots of stories of transactions that go sour because the proper procedures and safety precautions are not in place. This is really something we specialize in.

RE/MAX has some impressive statistics.  We are an international company with offices located in 44 countries around the world. We have well over 100,000 agents and nearly 5,000 offices around the world. Nobody, absolutely nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.  That is a fact.

The offices are independently owned and the office in San Miguel is called RE/MAX Colonial. 

This is owned by Lane Simmons, Licensed Broker. Lane has lived in Mexico for nearly 30 years and has 2 adopted Mexican children. He was originally from Austin Texas. Lane is an amazing man and a great example for the community of an honest hard-working real estate Broker. Lucía and I join the office several years ago, initially we were drawn to Lane because nobody had anything to say negative about him. He truly is one of the most well liked people in town.  And the reason people like him so much is because they trust him.

Please be in touch with us, helping you is what we do!

It’s a great life, and we look forward to welcoming you when you’re ready.

Thó Waring may be contacted at:  Tho@thoandlucia.com 




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