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Lots of misleading information if you are a buyer in Mexico. As a foreigner, you can absolutely buy property in our beautiful country. There are 2 exceptions.

If you are looking to buy at a beach or along the border areas as a guest: Both areas are in the “Restricted Zone.” The Zone has two components:

 Properties that exist within 100 km of the International US-Mexico Border have this restriction.

 The Coast also has a similar restriction but applies to property that is within 50 km of the Coast.

This is also to keep “special” property in the hands of Mexican citizens. Either within the Border or Coastal region.

It is possible to buy this kind of property in the Restricted Zones, but it is ownership through a Trust. This kind of ownership is like owning property through an LLC in US. Imagine that you own a company, and the company owns a vehicle or property. You are technically the owner of the vehicle or property through the ownership of the underlying corporation. The Trust gives you all the rights of ownership such as the right to sell, rent, donate, or bequeath. And there are many tax benefits to this ownership as well.

We recommend you the Article Property Rights for Buyers where you will find more information if you want to buy a property in Mexico.

Knowing the right people is everything in Mexico, and it absolutely helps if you are a buyer. And we have one mission, we’re here to help because helping you is what we do!



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