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For most folks, a home is their biggest asset. if you are a seller, we recommend taking every precaution afforded to you to make sure the transaction goes seamlessly. Additionally, we have a specialty in helping Sellers with capital gains issues. There is nobody better in SMA with all manner of tax issues than us.

Mexico is Different:  We found when we moved to Mexico nearly 10 years ago, there is a general lack of transparency with public records and the ability to access this data.  But the data is here, you just have to know where to look for it and it’s not nearly as easy as it is in the US. The well qualified real estate Agent can be very helpful. That is, because they actually hold the integrity of the transaction together and they perform many tasks that are important for a transaction to close.  Additionally, because Agents understand the intricacies of transactions here in Mexico, we can explain the details to unfamiliar Buyers.

Some cities in Mexico have an association of real estate agents called AMPI, similar to National Associated of Realtors (NAR) in the U.S.  Agents and Brokers in AMPI are required to have a State issued real estate license. This license is renewed every two years. 

If you are a seller, you can contact us for more advice. We recommend you the article Why Choose Us?

In Mexico, it’s all about who you know. We’re here to help, if we can help you… Let us know. Helping you is what we do!



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