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Hello from Central Mexico. Homes are for sale in San Miguel de Allende.  This is the Fall season here. It’s a beautiful time of the year, we’re having rain a little later in the year than we normally have. Typically, we see rain in June and July but this year it’s later. Which means the nights are cooler and the days are spectacular! San Miguel was voted best weather in the world a few years ago and in my 10 years of living here I can tell you from direct experience that it has perfect conditions! San Miguel Mexico real estate!

What do you do when you live in a beautiful, 16th Century Colonial Mexican City that has perfect weather… In a word: walk. 

The History:  

In the United States, things were always busy for me. I lived in a big city and spent a lot of time in my car when I wasn’t at work or at home. I worked all the time.  Things were always moving quickly with lots of people coming and going. Life was fast in the US.  The challenge when life is fast is that you don’t really slow down enough to really understand and get to know people and all your surroundings. 

There’s something magical about time when it comes to relationships… no substitute for that. And when there’s a fast lifestyle, there is no time. All that changed when I came to Mexico.

The first thing that happened to me when I arrived to San Miguel is I discovered our local treasure which is Juárez Park. And I began to spend my mornings over walking in the park, occasionally bringing my TRX for additional resistance work. And for the first few years, I began walking every morning in the park… never really been much of a walker in the United States. Who has the time?  So, this was a new experience for me. 

Morning Walk:  

Our mornings in the park became magical. One of the things that happened, we got to know the dog walkers, the artists that show their paintings on the weekends, local people as well if they were up early. The park is amazing.  (Incidentally and unrelated to this article, I did meet my soulmate and life partner at Juárez Park nearly 4 years ago.)  This is like a Central Park of our little community.  It’s surrounded with trees and beautiful vegetation. 

Once a year during the first quarter, the park becomes a giant plant and tree sale. All the local merchants from the local communities come in for two weeks. They sell beautiful cactus, succulents, flowers, trees, etc.  We always go and stock up, the prices are amazing!  

Also in the park, there’s a large basketball court in the middle and on Saturdays they do Zumba classes there. I tell people the best music in San Miguel can be heard at 8 AM on Saturday morning during the Zumba classes. So fun! When I first came to Mexico, somebody said people go to Florida to die or Mexico to live. This is a good example of that!  

One of the things that we practice here in the mornings when we walk is I leave the technology at home… call it a technological detox! Something we probably all need…  I don’t carry a phone with me. And I walk in silence., generally for an hour.  It’s a beautiful thing to have time in the morning, solitude before everybody gets up. This is really golden time for me! And it’s a little-known secret at San Miguel in the early morning hours particularly in the Fall… It’s quite spectacular for a walk!

I’ve been here for 10 years. I have a long-term relationship with a Mexican woman who has a PhD who is from Monterrey. Lucía is my partner in all things.  She’s lived here for four years. We are committed to our community and helping.  There’s a lot of things to learn in Mexico. And having good advisers to show the way is important. In fact, having people you can trust in Mexico is key. This makes all the difference. 

Here’s an example: This last year at the office (RE/MAX) we were with some people who are looking at property here. She was bringing everything she owned down from the United States. I told her that when we moved, we brought everything as well. It was a huge production. Now looking back on that, I wish I’d only brought my art. Everything else I could get here, or I didn’t need including my Jeep!  One of the reasons I don’t need my Jeep is that we walk everywhere.

As we come into the holidays here in SMA, this is a very busy time. We’re welcoming people from all over the world to our beautiful and special little town. There’s a friendliness here that is magical and its unmistakable. People feel it almost immediately when they arrive, we refer to this as “the San Miguel magic.” It’s worth considering San Miguel Mexico real estate.

What About a Home?  

Lucía and I have the privilege of setting up the first RE/MAX Collection. This is the luxury specialty within RE/MAX which focuses on high-quality properties in six primary areas of the more than thirty in San Miguel de Allende. Even though it may be natural to assume that luxury real estate professionals only deal with multi-million dollar properties or with high-end clients and estates that are out of reach of “normal” clients, nothing could be farther from the truth: 

Creative real estate professionals offer luxury service to their clients as a matter of course, believing that extending their reach depends not on the price of the property but on the breadth and depth of their expertise and the services they provide. The financial value of a specific transaction becomes a secondary consideration.  That is as it should be.  Oh yea.

It’s a great lifestyle. We look forward to welcoming you and please remember: “We help people find home!”

Thó Waring may be contacted at: Tho@thoandlucia.com

YouTube Channel:YouTube/@ThoandLucia/videos 



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