Parroquia view with balloons as well as the view of several properties for sale at San Miguel de Allende.

Thó Waring, Agent at RE/MAX Collection 

Hi there!  Thank you for stopping by, welcome to our site. We hope you find things that are helpful on this site. Homes are for sale in San Miguel de Allende.  With that in mind, here’s a little information about my background:  After graduating from University of Texas San Antonio, my first 10 years professionally were spent in the finance and high-tech worlds: Northwestern Mutual and before real estate, I worked at Computer Associates International based in New York, as an International Sales Manager.  

My grandfather was an oil man from South Texas.  He was a 3rd generation Texan and my mentor growing up.  One thing he taught me: “You don’t have to be the smartest guy in the room, invest the time and money in good advisors.”  That advise has served me well.  

Since 1997, I’ve been a full-time real estate investor. I came to SMA 10 years ago and after spending several years buying and selling property in Mexico as an investor, it became apparent that real estate agents here play a very different role than they do in the US. This is a brisk real estate market; homes are for sale in San Miguel de Allende.  Knowledge is power, especially in Mexico and specifically within SMA.  A knowledgeable and AMPI licensed real estate agents can actually help hold the integrity of the transaction together. We are an important piece of the puzzle for buying property in Mexico: good advisors are key to a successful transaction.  You can find more information in the Article 6 Key Questions about Buying a Home in Mexico.

Real estate is different with us, as you will see.  I wanted to personally welcome you to our site. And offer a warm welcome to the family and to San Miguel de Allende, as we like to say:  

“We Help People Find Home!”



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