Here is a short list of reasons:

Agents:  All agents are members of AMPI, which has licensing, standards, and practices requirements.  Most of Mexico has no licensing requirements. And there are many non-AMPI agents in San Miguel that are referred to as “coyotes.” These are unlicensed agents. Everyone that is in our office and everyone that we work with is licensed. That’s a standard we insist on because it holds the integrity of the transaction together.

Taxes:  There is nobody in town that is better with capital gains or transaction management than us:  there are some similarities with capital gains consequences, but they are not the same. There are important distinctions that have to be understood and applied carefully.

Money:  We use US escrow to protect deposit and maintain confidence in the transaction. This also allows funds to flow directly from a US account into escrow and viceversa. Money does not necessarily need to come into Mexico unless that is intended.

Closing:  We close both residential transactions as well as commercial.  Most closings take 3 to 4 weeks just like in the United States.  Everything is closed with a Notario which in Mexico is a real estate lawyer with an advanced specialization including real estate. These are coveted and well-respected positions here in Mexico.

Closing options:  If there are challenges with travel, we can grant a power of attorney to the person you trust or to one of your lawyers in Mexico to do all the paperwork in your name and representation, either in Mexico or in the U.S. Lots of options with the actual closing process which include being able to close your home remotely with Power of Attorney.

We can provide title insurance:  Title insurance is a type of insurance designed to help protect homebuyers from the damages or losses resulting from a bad title.  It’s a very common form of protection and due diligence used in the United States during the home buying process.  Having people here in México that you can trust is important, we are here to help.



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